African fashion designers

Fashion isn’t just a way to protect humans from the environment, but also to express people’s personality through fashion designs. The origins of fashion in Africa are lost by time; however archaeological indicate; ancient clothing in Africa was made from treated animal hides, furs, and feathers. Now African fashion designers make fashion clothes from cotton, camel and sheep wool. Other sources of fiber include the raffia palm, jute, flax, and silk. All these fibers can be dyed using vegetable and mineral dyes.

Every nation has a fashion style that has originated in its culture, fashion designers develop their styles by resourcing from their culture, African fashion designers uses a wide selection of crafts, elements and colors for the African styles are extremely colorful and are representative of a number of cultures within the African community. This is what makes them the most sought after even in the global fashion world.


Fashion Visual Merchandising

Merchandising jobs are crucial and fashion visual merchandising is the behind the scenes staff which combine the creative ideas with commercial business objectives, fashion visual merchandisingin order to achieve company/store goals, visual merchandising is closely linked to marketing; therefore, its main function is the same: selling the product.  However, the fashion visual merchandising focus is on promoting the fashion without resorting to embellishment and deceptive advertising, selling using only the fashion product’s presence and appearance, and most interestingly, some very specific fashion placement techniques.  A visual merchandising professional is an expert in the organization and placement of the product (whether in a shop or a showroom), so as to make it attractive to buyers.


Circle Skirt Pattern Tutorial

Circle Skirt Pattern TutorialDrawing the circle skirt pattern is very easy, yet it provide a lot of options that allow many variations, also it is suitable for any beginner and fast to do too. The drawing principles can be modified in order to draw:

  • Pleated circle skirt. Yes, it is possible.
  • Circle skirt with fullness.
  • Plus size circle skirt pattern.
  • Circle skirt with deferent lengths between front/side/back.

In addition to many more ideas, actually nothing limit your circle skirt creations but your own creativity boundaries. (more…)

Costume Pattern Making and Tailoring

fashion designers make costumes, for theater, movies, and so on, they may also study costumes to get inspired by such valuable inspiration source.
but in fact when a designer makes a costume then he isn’t fashion designer nor a clothing manufacturer, but a builder of character, concept, and physical movement.

Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist

So what is the deference between fashion designer and fashion stylist? Actually many stylists are also fashion designers. And, some fashion designers are good stylists.

fashion designer and fashion stylistFashion Designer

Designers attempt to design clothes which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. They must consider who is likely to wear a garment and the situations in which it will be worn. They have a wide range and combinations of materials to work with and a wide range of colors, patterns and styles to choose from, most clothing worn for everyday wear falls within a narrow range of conventional styles.

Fashion designers create clothing, and they may not necessarily be great stylists. They typically sketch the item or outfit, create the pattern, pick out the fabric and trimmings, sew the garment, and fit the garment to the individual. If the garment is mass-produced, there is someone who liaisons with the factory to make sure that each piece turns out as planned. The product of a designer is the actual garment.