Linen suits

Linen suits are the true solution for moist, Its light fabric allows the suit to be breathable making it comfortable to wear in hot weather although it might be inappropriate for cooler climates, Linen suits have a long history as the mark of the vacationing gentleman, who manages to look laid back and classy, even during summer’s hottest.

The linen fabric itself is old; it was used by pharaohs thousands of years ago, as all the natural fibers, linen naturally boast a fair amount of tips and general rules of thumb regarding its proper wear and care.
Linen suit, however is not a good choice for a business, a meeting for example. The traditional wool is a better choice instead since it is creases less and is more durable. Linen suits on the other hand is too sheer due to its thin fabric sweating will make the fabric stick to the body. That makes linen a not so good choice for business attires.
Though there are people who don’t usually appreciate linen because of the creases, this feature is actually the charm of the fabric. There is no need to worry in handling this attire since no ironing is needed, just proper hanging. In keeping it in place and good form, proper linen should always be hanged after wearing since it easily creases, though it doesn’t follow that the fabric will straighten out.
Usual colors for the linen suits are appropriately chosen in earth and neutral tones of browns, grays, and whites since summer is the best time for linen clothing.
Although wearing linen suits may have its limits, there is definitely no denying the fact that linen is a cool way of expressing fashion in a hot season.
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  • Short-sleeve shirts usually hang a bit looser than the cotton ones.
  • Long-sleeve linen shirts come in two varieties; casual and dressy.
  • Linen pants come in two primary variations: belted and drawstring, Belted linen pants look like any other slacks, though they’re often found in lighter, more garish colors, drawstring linen pants have built-in drawstring for fastening.

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