Sewing Machine Feet

Brother offers an extensive line of sewing machine feet, guaranteed to make your sewing and embroidery jobs easier. They are high quality and durable. Whether your interest is gathering and pleating, cording, or fringe, they have the presser foot to fit your needs. Attach piping, sequins, and appliques effortlessly and accurately with the use of these handy accessories.

A walking foot is very useful for sewing heavy materials, since the needle feed may not be mechanically adequate. It really comes in handing for sewing spongy or cushioned materials (where lifting the foot away from the material helps with the feeding action) and for sewing various layers together, because the drop feed may cause the lower layers to move out of alignment with the upper layers.

A few household sewing machines come with a walking foot, but most of them have a stand presser foot which moves along and maneuvers the fabric along with it. Most household sewing machines use a standard connector for their presser foot and offer various add-on attachments for the walking foot.

Some sewing machines have a single walking foot, while others have two walking feet which alternate. A walking foot may work in conjunction with another type of feed mechanism, such as a needle feed or a drop feed. A walking foot is very useful for sewing heavy materials, since the needle feed may not be mechanically adequate.

Here are a few examples of the types of stitches you can do with the walking foot. You can use a straight stitch to do basic stitching, attaching zippers, sewing gathers or pintucks. Use a zigzag stitch for overcasting and attaching appliques and a piecing straight stitch to do piecing straight stitching with a seam allowance from the edge of the presser foot. For quilting, use a zigzag stitch (for quilting) with the walking foot for applique quilting, free-motion quilting, satin stitching and button sewing.
There are many different types of sewing machine feet to choose from. Whether you are planning on sewing or embroidering. Some of the Brother sewing machine feet options are listed below.

Open Toe Walking Foot
Walking foot provides secure fabric feeding with open toe for use with both utility and decorative stitches. This foot has movable feed dogs to enhance fabric feeding from the upper fabric surface. Features a horizontal opening for wide range of left to right needle positions and added sole pressure.

Open Toe Quilting Foot
This spring action open toe quilting foot provides greater visibility, it rises and lowers as it travels over fabrics that vary in thickness. The open toe viewing makes following a pattern easy, especially with zig zag and decorative stitches. The screw on foot provides added security during the fabric quilting process.

Metal Open Toe Foot
This metal open toe foot snaps on, to provide clear visibility and expanded stability, when creating decorative and satin stitches. The sole of the foot is grooved to ensure accurate stitch formation within the feed dog area.

Edge Joining Foot
This foot is perfect for precise and easy joining of fabrics, even sheer and difficult fabrics. It hold fabrics securely in place, while leaving room for open decorative stitches such as open weave stitches. There are reference marks to increase accuracy and the foot can be used to line up and sew edges of lace or other fabrics. The centered blade enhances the ability to follow the edge of the fabric.

Pin Tuck Foot
Perfectly parallel seams can be sewn with this grooved pintuck foot. The grooves on the sole plate enable the formation of perfect pintucks.

Side Cutter Foot
This side cutter cuts, both the fabric and overcast fabric edges, at the same time. This foot creates the perfectly cut edge, similar to that of a serger. Measure and finish fabric edges with either a straight or zig zag stitch. It features a centered post for consistent stitch formation over the fabric edge.

Straight Stitch Foot
Used this foot exclusively for straight stitch applications on fine or light weight fabrics, the single needle hole prevents fine fabrics from being caught in feed dogs. A straight stitch center needle position foot, with curved foot toes that travel over varying fabric thicknesses.

Quilting / Free Motion Foot
This clear quilting foot is also called a darning foot and may be used as a free motion foot. The foot raises and lowers, with the needle, to allow fabric to be moved between stitches and to hold fabric in place while stitches are created.

Picot Foot
This is a decorative narrow hemmer foot is for picot hem finishes. It looks similar to narrow hemmer foot but is designed to create a shell look edge on lightweight fabric. Features a grooved sole-plate for picot stitch formation and cone-shaped feet channel for edge finishing.

Adjustable Zipper & Piping Foot
This foot attaches zippers and piping easily. Its position can be adjusted exactly on the edge of the zipper/piping, avoiding the non-flat parts of them. It also presses the fabric with just the right pressure. Has an adjustable zipper foot for left or right seams and an adaptable guide to accommodate various piping dimensions. Features a single stitch opening for accurate and perfect straight stitch creations.

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