Computerized sewing machines, no hands sewing dream

With the appearance of computerized sewing machines the industry has developed dramatically, things work a little differently in the modern machines, it has built-in computers, as well as small monitor displays for easier operation. The normal user is now capable of doing things much easier, the computer directly controls several different motors and sensors, which precisely move the needle bar, the tension discs, the feed dog and other elements in the machine.

Sewing machine buying guide

Sewing of clothes and fabrics has gained phenomenal popularity across the world, especially over the last decade, weather if you sew for passion or if you plan to have a career in fashion designing, this Sewing machine buying guide may help you.
Actually, you need to select your sewing machine wisely, and you know an artist is only as good as the tools he uses. Hence, when you decide to buy a sewing machine, you have to take care of certain factors, in this guide I will point out several aspects that you need to judge when you are going to buy one. (more…)

Draping on Mannequin for Fashion Design

Draping on mannequin has been popular for centuries, men and women in ancient Rome and Greece all wore draped dresses. While contemporary Indian women often wear a sari, which is a type of draped dress as well. It’s possible to make a draped dress either by making a new dress entirely from draped fabric or by draping additional fabric onto a simple, existing dress as an enhancement, however draping on mannequin is about draping new fabric to make a whole new garment, Draping is a key skill which allows apparel designers to understand what creates a great fit and how to achieve it. If a garment sample fits poorly, a designer who is familiar with how darts and seams give shape to garments can spot what is creating the fit issue and advise the factory how to correct the problem, it’s one of the most creative parts of the fashion design process. Apparel designers can experiment with fabric, and decide where to place darts, tucks, and other design elements. Playing with the way fabric folds and hangs on the body is a fun way to create new fashion designs that you wouldn’t have thought of sitting in front of a sketchpad.

Linen suits

Linen suits are the true solution for moist, Its light fabric allows the suit to be breathable making it comfortable to wear in hot weather although it might be inappropriate for cooler climates, Linen suits have a long history as the mark of the vacationing gentleman, who manages to look laid back and classy, even during summer’s hottest.

Fashion merchandising colleges and universities

Although fashion merchandising career path doesn’t get a lot of attention, it’s a vital part of the industry helping to get designs off of the runway and into stores. Fashion merchandising colleges and universities are the place where you can get the right education and training. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry as you gain practical experience and make the connections necessary for entering the field.

If you have a strong sense of style and the ability to spot hot trends in fashion, you may be destined for a career as a fashion merchandiser.  There is a lot involved though with becoming a good merchandiser and it all starts with getting a quality education from a school that specializes in fashion and design.

Students attending a fashion merchandising school will learn all of the tricks of the trade for staying current on the latest styles as well as how to market clothing effectively via multiple retail and wholesale channels.