fashion sketches

Fashion sketches is the first step in fashion design, sketching is one of the most important skills needed for garment creation, If you can draw sketches, you can’t record fashions seen on the street, or any other ideas may come to your mind, work out design details, and communicate your ideas to others, designers need to be able to quickly sketch their ideas, explain a new trend, or even sketch something they see during a fashion show.
Fashion sketches is the starting point to create the garments of your dreams.

To create an excellent fashion sketches, you must understand human anatomy and proportions, color theory, rendering techniques, and even how to draw different types of fabrics, it is also essential to know how to draw fabric, and more importantly know how to draw the folds of clothing. The lighting effect, shading depth will enhance the quality of the sketch and gives a 3 dimensional illustrations.
While most designers do create their initial sketches by hand, many now use Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) software to translate these sketches to the computer, here designers can swap out colors and fabrics on a virtual model with the click of a mouse instead of repetitive re-drawing steps, but even with the aid of computers, nothing replaces that original hand-drawn sketch. It is an essential ability to succeed in fashion design and one you must learn.
For drawing fashion sketches  you need tracing paper, pencils, an eraser, drawing paper that’s not too opaque (computer printer paper works well), and colored pencils or markers, the basics of drawing fashion sketches are quite simple: slide an existing figure template under a blank sheet of paper, and draw the garment to fit the outlines the figure. It’s the genre of the figure itself that will determine the look of the final drawing. For flat garment schematics, you’ll use a croquis, a schematic figure template with standard body proportions.
Is Sketching Talent very important to draw fashion sketches? What a basic question, however you don’t have to be an expert artist to succeed in fashion design, but you need to communicate your ideas, that’s why you need fashion sketches drawing skills.

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