How to Be a Wardrobe Stylist?

To be a Wardrobe Stylist you must be creative and have your own original point of view of fashion. You need to be able to stand up and handle your job and be the expert, you need to be able to figure things out, and you need to be able to deduce every possible solution to do the wardrobe Stylist job correctly. You need to keep a level head and resolve things on time and on budget. You need to be able to handle stress.


Study to Be a Wardrobe Stylist

As you plan your fashion wardrobe stylist curriculum, make sure that you include classes on how to care for fabrics, how to mend, create and display clothing and other fashion apparel, and how to display, store, transport and repair high end fashion items and couture clothing. As a Wardrobe Stylist, one of your main responsibilities will be to care for clothing and other items used in shoots and runway shows. These items are often loaned in exchange for the publicity rather than purchased or given as gifts. As a result, the owners of these items will want them returned in pristine condition.

 To start out on your journey to become fashion wardrobe stylist, it can help to get some formal training. You can get this either by taking wardrobe stylist classes or, if you have the time and the financial means, then it may pay off for you to get a two or a four year degree in fashion merchandising or a similar field, this is not vital to your success as a Wardrobe Stylist, but if you do not already have a background in fashion and clothing care, it can be extremely useful to simply take the courses that will give you the information and training that you need.

start as fashion wardrobe stylist assistant

You may consider starting as assistant Wardrobe Stylist, this will help you as the assistant fashion stylist at any photo shoot, runway show or retail setup helps the senior fashion wardrobe stylist in a wide variety of important and vital ways

Because being an wardrobe stylist assistant can give you access to many exciting venues, designers, and even free discarded high fashion items, many people would love to have this job. It sounds so glamorous that many people who would be very good at it write it off as impossibility because the wardrobe stylist job, while difficult, just seems too good to be true. However, if you truly are fascinated by fashion and have a passion for clothing and appearance, then wardrobe stylist career may be ideal for you. Even if you already have a job and a career path that you have been pursuing and involved with for some time, it is never too late to start pursuing your dreams of becoming a wardrobe fashion stylist. Because many assistant fashion stylists are freelancers, you will not necessarily even have to give up your current job or career in order to make this exciting change.

Fashion wardrobe stylist responsible

During runway shows and shoots, clothing often gets damaged if models have to change quickly or if a model is not actually the right size to wear the clothing. While you would never guess this from the end results of most photography shoots, the carnage will be obvious in many of the clothing items that were used by the end of the shoot or show.

As the fashion wardrobe stylist, you will be responsible for having the damaged and worn clothes cleaned and repaired so that there is no evidence that they ever suffered any harm or even spent time against another person’s skin. These clothes are often worth tens of thousands and occasionally even millions of dollars, so this is a huge and important responsibility. People will not want to work with a photographer, a wardrobe stylist or a designer that cannot guarantee the safety of their clothing and their other fashion items, so you are, in many ways, responsible for the success or failure of your fashion styling career.

The more varied and valuable your connections, the more sought out you will be as an wardrobe fashion stylist.

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