tailor made shirts

Tailor made shirts are getting more and more popular for both men and women as they are supposed to provide the ultimate high quality expected, but still very affordable. The customization features for custom made shirts are now really trendy and getting the most fashion attention as never before. (more…)

Fashion styling courses

Fashion styling courses are essential for working as fashion stylist, yes a talent is required but skills is must too, fashion stylist works with clothes, accessories and even background props when necessary, to put together a complete the look or style, The fashion stylist selects each of this items appropriately so that they complement and harmonies with all the other components successfully. That why fashion stylist have been called “Designers of Style”, because he is setting the trends that everyone else follows.

Fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising and design is relative jobs in fashion industry, while fashion designer do make design; define cuts, colors and fabrics, fashion merchandiser can advise designer beside working more on promotion and market, fashion merchandiser is promoting fashion designer garments .
If you want to get into this career you’ll first have to get the right education and training with help from a fashion merchandising college. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry as you gain practical experience and make the connections necessary for entering the field.

Fashion merchandisers need to have good business sense and comprehension of the varied marketing techniques, preparations, manufacturing, advertising and distribution that goes into the industry. Fashion merchandisers must also be familiar with existing trends and be able to anticipate what the future ones will be.

plus size clothes

Plus size clothes used to be ignored by fashion designers for so long time, however this market is increasing market in USA and worldwide, Plus size clothes are neglected due to the image most fashion designers have about glamor, trendy and shiny fashion shows.
Recently Plus size clothes styles are  changing, and designers are starting to understand the psyche of the larger women. They relate to Plus size women need to enjoy the good times and that they too want to wear fun and fashionable clothing.

fashion sketches

Fashion sketches is the first step in fashion design, sketching is one of the most important skills needed for garment creation, If you can draw sketches, you can’t record fashions seen on the street, or any other ideas may come to your mind, work out design details, and communicate your ideas to others, designers need to be able to quickly sketch their ideas, explain a new trend, or even sketch something they see during a fashion show.
Fashion sketches is the starting point to create the garments of your dreams.