tailor made shirts

Tailor made shirts are getting more and more popular for both men and women as they are supposed to provide the ultimate high quality expected, but still very affordable. The customization features for custom made shirts are now really trendy and getting the most fashion attention as never before.

It is the ultimate choice for shirt lovers who really know what they want as styling.At least a man should have a tailor made shirt. Thinking; the unbeatable fit and the attention to detail that goes into making a shirt that suits perfectly should worth the expenses spent.

Yes we are in the mass production era, still people like to wear unique and Tailor made garments, shirts is a garment that men and women pay good attention to and are ready to pay extra money for extra quality and better fit.

Pattern making Software Company started top focus on this market too, the most popular ones are offering Tailor made shirts support in pattern making and marker making providing the easiest ever tools to help designer and pattern maker, make Tailor made shirts as fast and easy as possible.

Tailor made shirts makers keep in mind the deference between ordering it and ordering a readymade garment or retail ordering, with Tailor made shirts the factory will use almost same design and production operations, but the ordering process will include querying the customer for fabrics and measurements,  this mean preparing a fabric selection method.

Measuring for Tailor made shirts is to be done in three styles, the first one is the traditional measuring method, while using tape to measure the body, another alternative is the 3D measuring equipment getting popular too, this is a space, stage or something like this the person is going to stand in with minimum clothes on body, and a 3D scan will take measurements, this can be integrated into another software which analyses data to make the Tailor made shirts patterns, the third style is; fill your measurement, which used online of course.

Some companies offer not just fabric and pattern alteration, they offer real Tailor made shirts, with costume details and special production process, this is really confusion for me, but yea it’s there.

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