Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine Review and Price

The Bernina 1008 sewing machine is a very simple mechanical machine, with no computer or display or any other fancy modern stuff, however it’s really good manufactured machine, for it’s made by the known company; Bernina, the company is known for its quality.

Easy to thread sewing machine with no extraneous features and stitches. The Bernina 1008 doesn’t have plenty of decorative stitches but it does the job in hand. This machine just does what a fashion student may need and does it well. The majority of a student work would be straight stitching, with occasional zigzagging. May be using the blind hem and the buttonhole every from time to time.

Bernina 1008 sewing machine features:

The machine sews very fast. It does 1,050 stitches per minute. For comparison’s sake, you can usually expect 800-900 from a home machine, despite the speed it sews very smooth and easy, no-fuss machine. It does what you expect it to do, and doesn’t jam or have other annoying issues.

bernina 1008 sewing machine stitchesThe BERNINA 1008 offers 17 different stitches, including a buttonhole and two decorative stitches. Thanks to this, and the ability to vary stitch length and width, you’ll be able to accomplish all your sewing tasks reliably and precisely. The BERNINA 1008 places different straight and zigzag stitches at your fingertips – a versatile basic configuration that makes it easy for beginners, yet offers everything they could need for sewing, hemming, mending or decorative embellishment. The BERNINA 1008 also impresses with its durability and versatility, ensuring that you’ll enjoy your sewing machine for years to come. Last but not least, using a mechanical machine helps you develop an unmistakeable sixth sense for sewing, as you control all the sewing variables – all of which makes the straightforward, easy-to-handle, versatile BERNINA 1008 the perfect foundation for expanding your skills.

The stitch quality is good, whether you sew chiffon or heavy wools or any other thick fabrics, clothes, curtains, costumes, all sorts of fabrics. It feels great to use, this machine sews thru anything.

Some sewing machine mechanical believe it’s the only mechanical machine worth owning, when oiled and dusted regularly, it’s sews softly without stop just need minimum home maintenance.

A good, strong reliable machine, metal case is sturdy and good-quality, and the whole machine is well made, Bernina doesn’t produce junk.

The Bernina 1008 sewing machine

The Bernina 1008 sewing machine

Bernina 1008  weakness:

But despite the really good features of the Bernina 1008 machine, there are some cons; it doesn’t have adjustable foot pressure. A usual sewer will not notice this, because it just takes whatever material you give it and sews it flawlessly.

It’s a bit heavy sewing machine, but the reason is the metal body, which gives the machine all this weight.

Some people complain about a small tension problems, however if you care for it, oil it regularly, and keep it clean. You won’t have any problem sewing with it.

The price makes it out-of-reach for beginners. In fact it’s really expensive machine and it’s not suitable for new sewer, students nor for beginners.

Bernina Sewing Machine 1008 price:

Well, the Bernina 1008 sewing machine price vary according to the place and shipment. However I think the price may be between $800 and $1000

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