Pattern Making Tools

When you start to make your own sewing patterns and create your own clothing designs, you will need some special drafting tools, but there are a few that are necessary, and a few more that will simply make your projects a bit easier to complete. The necessary Pattern drafting tools is not expensive, so do not panic.
Once you have the right pattern drafting tools, you can turn a simple looking fabric into something very attractive, most of the new tools are extremely user friendly and you need not to have special skills to use them.

Pattern drafting tools needed

Of course, pencils and tapes are essentials for pattern drafting, paper scissors and fabric shears too are used by pattern makers, muslin or other lightweight, light colored, fabric used to cut and sew your fitting pattern and your designs for testing purposes.
Marking tools like notchers and awls are very important for pattern makers.

Pattern drafting curves

another set of tools you going to need are the rulers for accurate measuring and designer’s curve for creating smooth lines, curves were conceived and designed by experts in the business of pattern making who know exactly what a consumer wants in terms of styling requirements. Any curve that you may think would be impossible to design can be made easy with the handy tool, sewing difficult and intricate curve patterns can be easily sewed with the help of front and back holes.
A novice dress designer can easily make great pattern lines by using six rulers all-in-one with the front hole curve, the back hole curve, the collar and neckline curve, the straight ruler, and the tailor’s curve which is a two piece set for doing seams it is very cheap and within a few seconds you can finish the pattern lines the perfect way.

Free hand curve drawing

Drawing pattern curves by free hand is “sometimes” faster, that is when have the skill and use it correctly, this will allow you to draw curves anytime and anywhere. You will not be limited by the tools you have, and it is handy to practice drawing pattern curves by hand, however some people simply can’t, those can improve Pattern drafting tools collection by adding some cheap curves.

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