Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine Review

The Brother Project Runway sewing machine is released at three different levels. And are include some remarkable machines for example:

  • Project runway CS5055PRW
  • Project runway XR9500PRW

Project runway cs5055prw sewing machine is the cheapest in the collection. It is a very handy and is able to sew many stitches including the usual ones and some advanced stitches as well. This makes it the best value for your money.

The cs5055prw sewing machine versatile with its ability to sew different forms of sewing stitches and the possibility of sewing materials of different weights and characteristics. It makes it one of the most suitable sewing machines for beginners and even the average skilled.

Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine

One of the most common statements about this machine is that it is remarkably easy to setup and use.  Even beginners appear to be up and sewing very quickly.  The machine is good for beginners as well as intermediate level sewers. Most owners like the fact that the CS5055PRW is lightweight.  The machine is easily moved and is a good for those that like to take sewing classes.  The Machine have an advanced needle threading system.

However, there are some comments from more experienced seamstresses indicating that they would prefer a more advanced machine.  In addition, some very heavy users feel that it may not stand up to a punishing sewing schedule. Read More

Sewing Machine Maintenance, When and Why?

A routine sewing machine maintenance can safe you lot of time and troubles. A regular maintenance can save you copious amounts of money you may otherwise spend on urgent maintenance and spare parts. A badly maintained machine can soon become a major source of frustration. Such frustrations are not worth the money saved. Thankfully the maintenance of a sewing machine is pretty simple. As long as it is done correctly and at a reasonable frequency. Lets take a look at some of the simple measures you can take to ensure a long life and a high performance for your sewing machine.

sewing machine maintenance

Oiling your Sewing Machine

A sewing machine, like any other machine, requires lubrication to ensure that the internal parts can move freely and easily. But beware, not all oils are equal. In fact there is an unfathomable range of oils for different tasks, from airplane engine lubrication to cooking and everything in between.The correct oil to use for your machine is a thin clear oil, and there may have been a small bottle of this included when you purchased the product. If not, your local sewing supplies shop should be able to help you out, or failing that a quick check on Amazon should help you find what you need. Read More

Sewing Machine Tension

Adjusting the tension in your sewing machine is the start point for making beautiful sewing, tension in sewing machine is adjustable because you need to sew different fabrics with variety of thicknesses, and different stitch length too.
The goal of adjusting the tension is to have your two threads meet in the middle inside the fabric, if the bobbin thread is showing on the top of your fabric then you need to loosen your tension moving to a lower number, or in some cases tighten the bobbin tension. On the other hand if the top thread is showing on the backside of your fabric that means you need to tighten the tension for the needle thread, or loosen the bobbin tension. Read More