African fashion designers

Fashion isn’t just a way to protect humans from the environment, but also to express people’s personality through fashion designs. The origins of fashion in Africa are lost by time; however archaeological indicate; ancient clothing in Africa was made from treated animal hides, furs, and feathers. Now African fashion designers make fashion clothes from cotton, camel and sheep wool. Other sources of fiber include the raffia palm, jute, flax, and silk. All these fibers can be dyed using vegetable and mineral dyes.

Every nation has a fashion style that has originated in its culture, fashion designers develop their styles by resourcing from their culture, African fashion designers uses a wide selection of crafts, elements and colors for the African styles are extremely colorful and are representative of a number of cultures within the African community. This is what makes them the most sought after even in the global fashion world.

African fashion designers are greatly dominating as the inspirational go-to source for eastern designers. That dynamic nature of African designs has become one that is trendy and easily adaptable.  African fashion designs have been used in creating fashion trends and clothing that goes from casual, couture to home decorations.  There are so many things that you can gain via the pattern inspiration and the way material drapes, looks and feels.  African designers draws a huge inspiration from the art that is made from Afro roots and the African culture.  These designs are beautiful because they are able to mingle with tribal art and meaningful symbols.  It brings a whole new world of fashion that have a meaning.  Some popular African inspired trends are: patterned maxi dresses and loose tunics designs.African fashion designers

 Accessories are also an important field for the African fashion designers. Beads and shells are widely used and in varying lengths and color combinations to decorate fashion designs. When it comes to men and their traditional costumes, an additional layer of clothing made of the hide of a powerful animal is added to the fashionable designs. Wearing bracelets and anklets for both men and women are an important part of African fashion traditions. These African styles have found their way into modern contexts and are wonderfully integrated into the modern day design world and designers collections.

Mark-able African fashion designers:

Alphadi studied fashion design at the Chardon Savard Studio in Paris and the Fashion Institute of Technology in Washington, D.C. He has been a significant presence on the international fashion scene for some time. Known as the “the child of the desert”, Alphadi combines traditional African techniques with contemporary style to create his fashion designs for the modern African woman. He would like to prove that African designers “can reach the summit of fashion like all other famous designers”

Sara Abera was born in western Dembidollo, Ethiopia.  Abera studied fashion design in Ethiopia and Europe. she has a great interest in increasing global awareness of Ethiopian hand-woven fabrics.

Oumou Sy has made a name for herself as a designer of Couture and Ready-to-Wear fashion, as well as jewelry and other fashion accessories. Sy has also made a name for herself as a costume designer for theatre and films.

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