Dressmaking Mannequin

Dressmaking mannequin will allow fashion designer to design three-dimensional garments. What you see is what you and everyone else get. Dressmaking mannequin come in all sizes and shapes for almost every article of clothing that can be made. While a piece of clothing is being made, it can be put on the dress form so designer can see how the piece of clothing will turn out. Then he can make alterations upon the clothing after seeing what it looks like on a body.

Dressmaking mannequin simplify the process of making patterns for complicated designs, this is because a designer will instantly try whatever he want to make and achieve the result immediately, no more flat pattern making, then testing, then fix problems, Dressmaking mannequin  and draping techniques making the whole process faster and easier.

Another good point is the ability to make complicated patterns and the impossible to do ones, for example the Lycra fabrics, it’s hard to make a flat pattern first time, it require a lot of expectation and try and fix steps, while you can try it directly, fast, and easy on  dressmaking mannequin.

A dressmaking mannequin can be used for; fashion design from scratch, pattern making for fashion design, finally fitting, adjusting and fixing patterns, a draped pattern technique can be combined with flat pattern methods, so one pattern can be transformed for example transforming draped pattern into flat one for mass production and vise verse.

Only one negative point about dressmaking mannequin and draping techniques which is; designer shouldn’t use draping for simple patterns which can be made by flat pattern methods, in such case the designer will be losing time for no advantage.

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