Best Sewing Machine Under $100

You may be a beginner looking for the best sewing machine under $100 to improve your skills, but you may be looking for a machine capable of doing basic stitches just to sew simple projects and beautiful gifts that you read about on some pages on internet.

buying a very expensive machine at the beginning is not necessarily the right thing to do, it is possible that the functions you need are not available, but there are functions you don’t use, because each machine has a different focus. So, how to choose a machine that suits you?

Sewing machines (in my opinion) are necessary equipment in every home, despite the fact that clothes are produced usually in large quantities and at low prices, but who said that sewing machine are only used to sew cheap clothes? (more…)

Sewing Machine Tension

Adjusting the tension in your sewing machine is the start point for making beautiful sewing, tension in sewing machine is adjustable because you need to sew different fabrics with variety of thicknesses, and different stitch length too.
The goal of adjusting the tension is to have your two threads meet in the middle inside the fabric, if the bobbin thread is showing on the top of your fabric then you need to loosen your tension moving to a lower number, or in some cases tighten the bobbin tension. On the other hand if the top thread is showing on the backside of your fabric that means you need to tighten the tension for the needle thread, or loosen the bobbin tension. (more…)

How to Be a Wardrobe Stylist?

To be a Wardrobe Stylist you must be creative and have your own original point of view of fashion. You need to be able to stand up and handle your job and be the expert, you need to be able to figure things out, and you need to be able to deduce every possible solution to do the wardrobe Stylist job correctly. You need to keep a level head and resolve things on time and on budget. You need to be able to handle stress.


Seam Allowance

While making a pattern, it is always important to remember to allow space for the seam, as you can’t sew right on the edge of the cut fabric or else it will fray. This is what is known as the seam allowance, seam allowance is the area between the stitching and edge of the fabric.On patterns the seam allowance is most often marked by a small notch which indicates how far from the edge the stitching line is to be sewn. On patterns for home use the seam allowances are sometimes unfortunately not marked on the pattern, leaving the sewer to rely on the make instructions.
Seam joins more than one pieces of fabric. All layers of fabric sewed together must have the same seam allowance, the raw edges must line up evenly to create an equal seam allowances on all of the pieces being joined.The basic principle of seaming is; two pieces of fabric are laid on top of each other and a needle and thread goes back and forth along a line, joining the two together.