Best Sewing Machine Under $100

You may be a beginner looking for the best sewing machine under $100 to improve your skills, but you may be looking for a machine capable of doing basic stitches just to sew simple projects and beautiful gifts that you read about on some pages on internet.

buying a very expensive machine at the beginning is not necessarily the right thing to do, it is possible that the functions you need are not available, but there are functions you don’t use, because each machine has a different focus. So, how to choose a machine that suits you?

Sewing machines (in my opinion) are necessary equipment in every home, despite the fact that clothes are produced usually in large quantities and at low prices, but who said that sewing machine are only used to sew cheap clothes?

Have a good enough sewing machine near your hands will

5 Best sewing machine under $100

Brother XM2701

Looking for a good sewing machine capable of making variety of functions? The 3. Brother XM2701 is good choice for you, this one have 27 different types of sewing stitches, button holes and zig zag stitches in variety of lengths and widths. This machine is also equipped with lighting, drop in bobbins and automatic needle threading


Singer Start 1304

If you prefer to have just a basic machine, the best one for you is the Singer Start 1304, this machine doesn’t include all fancy stitches and additions most modern machines have, however it’s capable of doing the default stitch (301 single needle close stitch) in addition to zig zag and 4-step buttonholes.

Also, this machine have an automatic bobbin winding system, free arm and accessories storage drawer.

The Singer Start 1304 sewing machine is best suitable for beginners looking for the basic sewing functions and users looking for a machine to be just available when they need it, in my opinion this is not bad idea, wrong and little usage of advanced sewing functions would be harmful to the machine parts, which is highly possible in the case of beginners and casual sewers.

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