Sewing machine buying guide

Sewing of clothes and fabrics has gained phenomenal popularity across the world, especially over the last decade, weather if you sew for passion or if you plan to have a career in fashion designing, this Sewing machine buying guide may help you.
Actually, you need to select your sewing machine wisely, and you know an artist is only as good as the tools he uses. Hence, when you decide to buy a sewing machine, you have to take care of certain factors, in this guide I will point out several aspects that you need to judge when you are going to buy one.

Sewing machines type selection

First of all what do you expect from a sewing machine, it will do sewing I know, but in addition to sewing, some machines are capable of making some decorative stitches, this is home sewing machines, don’t expect any industrial machine to make such fancy stitches. In fact this stitches are very fancy that I myself never used them before, however if you are just sewing something for home or kitchen, then why not having such option in inventory? However, for fashion production industrial machine or strong home machine is mandatory.

The purpose

When you are aware of your purpose of buying a sewing machine you can start looking for the special features that you may need. If you are looking for stitches there are different features and applications, as a professional sewer you should know what type of material you are going to use, select the kind of machine that can solve the purpose of buying it, you can prepare a list of feature before going for your dealing.


Industrial machines do not need storage space (most of time) but home sewing machines do, if the space matters, then think of the storage place available with you for the sewing machine. Sewing machines are available in many shapes and sizes, these days, the modern sewing machines have become more compact and of lightweight.

digital vs normal

Modern sewing machines are available in different models with many advanced features in them; some of them are able to make digital embroidery just the same way industrial embroidery machines do, it depends upon the choice of the buyer who is going to use it. However, buying a sewing machine can also depend upon the budget the buyer have, basic machine are cheap and digital equipped one are not. New sewer should buy basic machine with easy to use features, experts are free to buy machines with all new and complicated features in it.


As different companies are manufacturing different models with different features, an expert user may not carry much for a service center, but a new one should look for a company that got a service center nearby. Your purchase of sewing machine should not be a daunting decision if you have all your requirements listed clearly, moreover, you have to gather proper information about the device from some reviews available online and offline, even you can ask your local dealers about it.
finally, people sewing as hobby wont buy a sewing machine every year, so be wise before deciding to buy a specific sewing machine for yourself. This sewing machine buying guide is just meant to clear the idea, however you should focus on the features weather you going to need them or not, the price and the servicing , to save yourself from a bad buy.

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