Computerized sewing machines, no hands sewing dream

With the appearance of computerized sewing machines the industry has developed dramatically, things work a little differently in the modern machines, it has built-in computers, as well as small monitor displays for easier operation. The normal user is now capable of doing things much easier, the computer directly controls several different motors and sensors, which precisely move the needle bar, the tension discs, the feed dog and other elements in the machine.

With this computerized control, it is possible to produce hundreds of different stitches and sew any fashion garment you design. The computer drives machine parts and tools at just the right speed to move the needle bar up and down and from side to side in a particular stitch pattern. Typically, different programs for different stitches are stored in removable memory disks or cartridges. This machines may also connect to a PC in order to download patterns from the programs located on it, or even download directly from the Internet.

Computerized sewing machines capabilities

also have the ability to do complex embroidery patterns. These machines have some parts which hold the fabric in place underneath the needle assembly. They also have a series of sensors that tell the computer how all of the machine components are positioned. By precisely moving the work area forward, backward and side to side while adjusting the needle assembly to vary the stitching style, the computer can produce an infinite number of elaborate shapes and lines. The sewer simply loads a pattern from memory or creates an original one, and the computer does almost everything else. The computer prompts the sewer to replace the thread or make any other adjustments when necessary.
Obviously, this sort of high-tech sewing machine is a lot more complex than the fully manual ones of 200 years ago, but they are both built around the same simple stitching system: A needle passes a loop of thread through a piece of fabric, where it is wound around another length of thread. This ingenious method was one of those rare, inspired ideas that changed the world forever, what is new in computerized sewing machines is the ability to control all parts of the machine instead of the user, by adding the capability to feed the computer with instructions.

computerized sewing machines prices:

Prices do range, some computerized machines are priced $499.00 like Brother’s model BC-2100, while the model QC-2000 is priced at $2,699.00.
Also you may consider a computerized embroidery machines, which can sew too, prices start at $1,199.00 like the brother model NV-950, while others are priced very high like the model NV-6700D which costs you $8,999.00, of course the price depends on the options the computerized sewing machines are able to do.

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